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How to Prevent Oral Health Issues

Protecting Your Smile Through Proper Dental Hygiene

Once you get your permanent teeth, they are yours forever. Therefore, you must do everything possible to ensure that your teeth stay cavity and disease-free, undamaged, and gorgeous with their pearly white texture. These are some reliable tips to use that will help you keep your teeth in good shape and prevent oral health issues from occurring:

Brush and Floss Twice Daily

Brushing and flossing twice a day is one tip that will work well to keep your teeth from getting cavities. You should make an effort to brush and floss once when you wake up and once before you go to bed at night. Ensure that you brush for a least two minutes and move the floss back and forth between the crevices of your teeth.

Drink Water After Every Meal

Food particles and debris can get stuck in various areas of your mouth. Take the time to rinse your teeth. You can do this by drinking a cup of water after every meal or snack. Swish some of the water around in between your teeth to clean them.

This method can benefit you in two ways:

  1. It can clean the debris from in between your teeth and prevent bacteria from growing.
  2. It can also help you to meet your daily goal of drinking eight glasses of water a day.

Wear Protective Gear During Sports

wearing protective gear when you play sports can ensure that your teeth don't suffer any injuries or loss from having contact with another player. Mouthpieces are available for sports such as boxing, hockey, basketball, football, and the like. Invest in these protective items if you don't already own them.

Buy Gear to Stop Unhealthy Habits

Teeth grinding and thumbsucking are habits that can completely ruin your teeth. You can develop a serious overbite from sucking your thumb, and you can cause damages to your teeth if you grind them. Appliances such as mouthguards are available to help you stop these harmful habits.

Stop Smoking

Cigarette smoking is an unhealthy habit that can affect you negatively in various areas of your life.


Nicotine can cause unsightly stains on your teeth, and the tar and carbons from cigarettes can cause lung issues, oral cancers, and more. Furthermore, cigarette smoking can exacerbate tooth decay. Stop smoking today, and you might be able to reclaim your gorgeous smile and your healthy lungs starting today.

Limit Your Coffee Intake

You'll also want to limit the amount of coffee you drink each day. Coffee is an excellent pick-me-up drink. However, it's also an amazing tooth stainer that causes many patients to need teeth whitening services over time.

Furthermore, if you add sugar to your coffee, the sugars go straight to your teeth and start to settle in on the sensitive enamel. You can try to combat tooth decay by rinsing your mouth after you drink coffee. However, it would be healthier for you all-around if you cut down your coffee intake instead.

Take Vitamins That Strengthen Your Teeth

You also need to have the right vitamins in your system to promote tooth bone growth and overall wellness. Some of the vitamins that can help you keep your teeth healthy are vitamins such as calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, phosphorus, and more.

You can get most of these vitamins in the foods you eat. If you're nervous about your diet, you can always invest in supplements. Visit your local health store or pharmacy and request such supplements. Talk to your dentist to get a list of the appropriate vitamins and minerals first.

Don't Chew on Non-Food Items

Never use your teeth to chew on non-food items. For example, many people use their teeth to open bottles. Some people chew on their tongue piercing jewelry as a habit.

Talk to a dentist if you think you have a habit of chewing on non-food items. Custom appliances are available to help you recover and take charge of the habit today.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a well-balanced diet is important for maintaining excellent oral health. Eating a good amount of foods with essential vitamins and minerals, and the recommended intake of milk can keep your teeth strong and bright.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits

Finally, don't skip out on your regular dental visits. You need to schedule an appointment with a dentist at least twice every year. You can improve your oral health by also visiting the moment you notice a problem.

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