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Key Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is not a quick fix. It is a lengthy, complex process that involves changes to your facial structure into new positions. However, orthodontic treatment also comes with life-enhancing benefits both physically and mentally.

Here are other more uncommon benefits of orthodontic treatment that are more than meets the common eye.

Reduce TMJ Pain

Temporomandibular joint disorder, more easily recognized as TMJ, may cause frequent jaw pain or discomfort. If you suffer from TMJ, your jaw joint and adjacent facial tissues do not move properly and smoothly as they should. This excess tension can result in symptoms such as popping and clicking jaws, lockjaw, and even swelling on either side of the face.

These symptoms can be unbearable, but there are options for you to feel relief. Orthodontic treatment is known to realign your jaws; however, it is not always the solution for each individual. That is why we recommend consulting with our professionals to make sure orthodontic treatment is right for you.

Improve Oral Hygiene

Having a straight smile not only improves the appearance of your teeth but makes it easier for them to be cleaned. If you once had teeth that were crooked and crowded, it may have been difficult to floss in between them or brush them properly to remove plaque.

Having crooked teeth can lead to future oral health issues, such as increased fillings and root canals. Not only does orthodontic treatment give you the smile of your dreams, but it also prevents future tooth decay by providing the opportunity to brush and floss your teeth properly.

Better Mouth Function

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, having misaligned jaws and teeth can lead to speech, biting, and chewing complications. It can also lead to other health complications like sleep apnea.

Orthodontic treatment may eliminate a speech impediment formed as a child by correcting the placement of teeth. This allows the tongue to make a proper connection to the back of the teeth and roof of the mouth to allow speech to flow correctly.

Increase Self-Confidence

People with crooked teeth or a misaligned bite often smile without their teeth or cover their mouths while laughing in an effort to hide their teeth. They may experience feelings of low self-esteem because they are not proud of their physical appearance.

In fact, in a survey conducted by the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry, nearly 48% of adults believe a smile is the most memorable feature after meeting someone. By correcting your smile and straightening your teeth, orthodontic treatment is known to significantly improve a person’s self-confidence.

Enhance Digestive Health

While straight teeth are an obvious benefit of orthodontic treatment, most people do not recognize that it also can help enhance one’s digestive health.

When a person has crooked or crowded teeth and a misaligned jaw, it affects how they chew and swallow their food. Because it is more difficult to chew, larger portions of food are swallowed, and as a result, they are digested incorrectly. This can further result in intestinal distress and other stomach complications.

With orthodontic treatment, your ability to chew your food is significantly improved, making your digestion healthier as well. Proper digestive health also leads to an increase in nutrients — improving your overall health.

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